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How to Hit off a Tee properly?

How to Hit off a Tee properly?

The Benefit of Doing Tee Work

Tee work is one of the most important part of a hitter’s training to create or reinforce the muscle memory of a good swing. You can do it by yourself almost anywhere with a portable baseball net. Player of any level can all benefit from doing tee work.


Set up the Tee

If you own a tripod style tee like our extra weighted Chamgoal tee, you should extend the legs to the bottom and lock the threads for the maximum stability. Then, adjust the height of the tee to the hit that you are trying to practise.


Get the Correct Tee Placement

Get into your usual spot in the hitter box. Place the tee slightly in front of the center of the home plate where your front foot lands or slight in front of where your front foot lands. That is the sweet spot for a ball that is coming down the center. Too far forward or backward will cause you too hit too early or too late. The difference in exit velocity will tell the tale.


Change your Contact Points

There are a couple of ways to change the contact points in the strike zone. You can change the height of the tee to simulate high or low balls. You can move the tee closer or further from you to simulate inside or outside balls. Move the tee diagonally relate to the home plate to hit the ball to the left, right, or mid field.


Simulate Game situation

When you get the muscle memory game done, you can start to simulate some game situations. After every hits, you can step out of the box, think about the pitches, and where to place the ball. Just like a real game. We really encourage anyone to practise at a ball field as much as possible but when that is not an option. A batting cage is the next best thing because you can look at the launch angle of the ball. If the space constraint is there, a baseball net is still a great option for getting the muscle memory of a proper swing.


Ask Advise from Coaches

Always get advise from people with more experience about the things that you are trying to learn. They can be there and improve your swing. Also get reference from online sources. When both sides match, you know you are probably getting the right information.

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