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Best Portable Backstop/Barrier Net

Best Portable Backstop/Barrier Net

Why Getting a Backstop/Barrier Net?

Protection and Ease of Mind

There will be time you want to play catch in your backyard or play basketball on the driveway. However, you are putting your property under threat if you don’t have the proper protect and a barrier net can let you enjoy playing or let your kid play their sport without worrying about damaging property. You can even take the net around to your family and friend’s house for the release.


Protection and Saving energy while Playing Sports


You can use it as a backstop net so that you don’t need a catcher to do some live at bat. Or you can use it as a barrier net for your windows or windshields. You can also use it as a barrier two hitters side by side to protect them from foul balls during practice.


It can be placed behind the basket to save you from chasing against every ball and protect the items behind the net. 


Perfect for a backstop for the smaller soccer goals, can act like a rebounder.

The Chamgoal backstop net can be the perfect item for you to be worry-free! We offer two different size nets: 12'x9' and 16'x10'


With ground pegs, it can be secured and take hits from soccer balls. Can be stable enough on driveway or ball park for basketball without ground pegs.



For such a big net, it is portable enough for you take to practice or other’s place for some sporting fun.

Easy to assemble

Can be assembled by one person in a few minutes despite the size of the net. The fibre-reinforced polymers can bend so that the assembler can complete the process by him/herself.