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Best Portable Golf Hitting Net

Best Portable Golf Hitting Net

What are you looking for in a golf net?


The purpose of a golf net is for you to practice at home without damaging any of the property around whether that is yours for others. Our portable golf net is made with polyester which is stronger and more UV resistant than many other materials. It’s battle-tested for the job of protecting the properties around.

 Man taking golf shots at Chamgoal Golf net


With the upgraded design, the frame of the golf net can be transported in a beg of less than 18 inches long and 9 inches wide. You can take it anywhere to have a swing, lend to a friend with great ease, and store it up in a confined space.

 Carrying bag size comparison


Going to the range are time consuming and quite expensive nowadays. With the size of 10’ by 7’, the net can let you practice from your iron to driver safely and comfortably. You can put the net up in a few minutes and get swinging.


The Chamgoal upgraded Golf net is the most portable net on the market. It is also just as stable and durable as any of its competitors on the market, making it one the best options around.