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Best Portable Soccer Goals

Best Portable Soccer Goals

Why Chamgoal Soccer Goal is the most portable non pop-up soccer goal in the market?


Soccer goal needs to be strong and stable enough to withstand the shots. Our base frames are heavy enough for the goals to be use on concrete surface. However, you should still use ground pegs for extra stability when you are playing on the a grass field.


Whether you plan on using the soccer goal in your backyard or in a field, Portability will be a big aspect With our upgraded design, the length of the carrying bag decreased from four feet to one and a half feet. You can take it to your local grass field and play with friends with ease. It will take less space in the car trunk and in storage when you are done playing with it.

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Easy Set Up

The assembly for this portable soccer goal is very intuitive. After a few practice, you will be able to put this thing up in less than 2 minutes. It will be even easier with help from your soccer teammates.

Different Sizes

The Chamgoal upgraded soccer goal balances the portability and stability just right, making it one of the best options around. We offer three different sizes: the 4 by 6 for the little kids, the 5 by 8 for the 7-10 year-old, and the 6 by 12 for the teens. We cover all the age groups so you can pick the best fit.

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