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Coach Hart's Review of our Portable Baseball Net

Coach Hart's Review of our Portable Baseball Net

Coach Hart, Maryland Keys Select Baseball Commissioner, is a part of the Clarksburg MD Baseball & Softball organization. He also created the Building Better Baseball YouTube channel. He has been making many fun training videos for youth baseball for years. 

Today, he is reviewing the Chamgoal Portable Baseball Net and giving you a thorough review of the packaging, quality, portability, durability, and more. You can watch the full review here


- It came in standard plastic, I like how the foam pieces were on the little hooks so they didn't bend or break.

Material Quality

- The metal pieces are great quality, similar to what I've used with other brands.

- The net part is good quality as well.


- I really like the size of the bag and the way it breaks down to fit in it. Other nets I've used are long bags like baseball bat bags - yours is like a pouch, much easier to transport.

Setup / Breakdown

- There won't be much to this part, I was able to put it together without the instructions. Very easy to assemble.


- It's lightweight and easy to move around. A lot of coaches like to move the nets from one part of the field to another multiple times a practice, this net is easy to do that with.


- I can't know this part until it's been used for a full season. I anticipate the metal pieces and the netting will last but we will need to wait and see. 

Overall Assessment

- I would definitely use this net for my baseball teams. Almost all of the above reviews are positive and I think any team who purchases this net will be making a good investment.