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The Most Versatile Baseball Net Combo Set

This combo set is all you need to get a head start for the baseball season.


The Baseball/Softball Net

The baseball net is the key part of the combo. It can be used both for pitching and hitting. You can do high intensity/power pitching drills with it. You can tie a strike zone on it to get your precision game up. Hitting off a tee into a net is great to reinforce the muscle memory of the swing to get ready for the season.


The Tee

Tee work with a net is great for the fundamentals. However, if you can access a batting cage or a field to do the tee work, that would be more ideal. If you would like to have some more detail about the benefit of tee work and how to do it, read our blog about tee work.


Weighted Training Ball

Our 16oz weighted training ball will be a good training aid for getting the power of the swing up. You will get very clear feedback about if you have hit the ball in the right spot or not with the weighted training ball. It can also be used to power up pitches in a controlled fashion.


The Ball Caddy

Ball Caddy seems to be the simplest item in the combo but it will save someone’s back from keep having to reach down for ball after ball. Simple but effective.